Spring arrived during quarantine, and it has been a beautiful one.

I know I am stating the obvious, but these are very strange times.  The world has gone a bit crazy.  But in the midst of social isolation and working from home, Brian and I managed to have a very good spring.

We have, for one thing, become excited about retirement.  I freely admit that I was concerned about having Brian here at home every day, but we both managed to get our work done and we thoroughly enjoyed the time we had together.  We met every day for lunch on the patio, we enjoyed having more time to relax after work, and Kippers enjoyed having both of us to "assist" with our work.  Best of all, the lack of a commute and a very relaxed dress code for Brian (he wears a suit and tie to the office, but can work from home in shorts and flip-flops) meant more sleep.  A precious 45 minutes more sleep.

I am now optimistic that we can survive retirement.

It helped that the weather has been fabulous.  Abundant rain and moderate temperatures have done wonderful things for our garden.  And we love our garden.  So, a few pictures.

The path from the patio to the main walkway, surrounded by hostas, ferns and hellebores:
 Spikes of acanthus:
 From the back doorstep looking towards the patio:
 Lilies (true lilies):
The acanthus against the trunk of our big Texas red oak tree:
 Daylilies.  They are just starting to bloom:
The most exciting thing in our garden this year is a turtle nest.  Our little box turtles, Lizzy and Vinny, have been living in our lower back yard for many years.  But this year, Lizzy laid eggs!  We are excited to see what happens.  After Lizzy covered them up, we covered the nest with screening to protect the eggs:
Kippers has enjoyed having both of us home.  She has been able to help us both.  She helps me sew:
 She helps Brian with his geological correlations (she's in his in-box):
 She helps with household tasks, such as taking out the recycling:
And then she has a well-earned nap:
I have been busy.  Very busy.  My next post will be on quilting in the time of COVID-19.  Happy spring!


Julierose said…
We love being retired together--20 years now--so, see..it is do-able;))) hahaha
Kippers is so cute; we had a little calico sweetie years ago--"Schumee" (as a kitten she slept in hubby's shoes-- plus her real name was Clara Schumann); still miss her...
Stay safe ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose