The Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST) Annual 175 Mile Show!

Every year VAST holds a juried exhibition of 2D and 3D art, showcasing artists who live within 175 miles of Denton, Texas.  It is always a fabulous show, and I am proud to say I have been a part of it for the last few years.

This year, the show was held as always at the Patterson-Appleton Art Center.  The awards ceremony was held on the closing day, and I was thrilled to learn that I had won an Honorable Mention!

My piece, Heat Wave, appears at 2:19 in the video above (as well as in the opening screen!).  Also in the exhibition were quilts by several other North Texas Art Quilters.  My friends Barbara Oliver Hartman and Deborah Boschert won Best of Show and Second Place respectively.  Fiber was very well represented!


Norma Schlager said…
Congratulation, Heather. Your piece looked great!